Ecoute de trafic réel - Bande 1

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Jersey Tower, ZB is ready to taxy.
F-ZB taxy to Hotel initially
Jersey Approach, good morning this Mooney FGPHF with the information Tango.
FGPHF Jersey Approach, good morning,
F-HF, cleared to enter control airspace, special VFR , runway 09 in use.
F-HF fly degrees.
F-ZB, descend to QNH 1023.
F-ZB, do you still have .
QNH 1023, 270 feet.
FGSZB, Jersey Tower, report final 09, surface wind .
Jersey Approach, GXAVI.
GXAVI, Jersey Approach good morning would you like a .
This is Geneva information X.

Met report Geneva 1350

Visibility 10 kilometers
, BROKEN 6000 feet,
Temperature + 07°, Dew point -02°
, QFE 951
Geneva information X.