Ecoute de trafic réel - Bande 3

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MIDLAND 9 NL QNH is 1021 Mbs
Left on to 100 N501CF.
RYANAIR 042 continue report your heading
LUFTHANSA 403 reduce 170 kts, following a Jumbo closing in from the south .
SINGAPORE 326 turn right 050
LUFTHANSA 3303 right heading 340
LUFTHANSA 181 reduce 170 kts the Jumbo is 5 ahead.
LUFTHANSA 007 traffic to follow 737 alternate runway.
Yeah, we have him in sight LUFTHANSA 4307
Roger .
SPEEDBIRD 1 start up approved now for Kennedy COPTON 2G departure
SHUTTLE 6N, A1 for push back please
AIR SHUTTLE 6N push approved .
AIR MALTA 100 hold at block 6-7 outer .
4000' AIR TRANSAT 790
TSC790 .
Shanwick the CALEDONIAN 81 is maintaining level 310.
Er, roger .
AIR FRANCE 358 roger, you're radar identified .
ICE AIR 615 in about 2 minutes you'll have traffic 11 o'clock position. He's above you at
Metering, AIR FRANCE 051 heavy good evening.
AIR FRANCE 051 heavy
AIR FRANCE 51 heavy, follow runway heading, Remain cleared for take off.
TIGER 60 heavy, affirmative 13000 and
Good day. This is Dorval international airport with information A
Dorval weather at
Wind Visibility
Sky conditions

Temperature : Dew point :
The IFR approach is an ILS landing runway VFR
Departure runway
Other information : runway 24R
Inform on Montreal ATC on initial contact if you are using a VNAP A and that you have received information A.