Ecoute de trafic réel - Bande 4

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413 taxi to the holding point runway 19 and Z
Ground, Scandinavian9240.
Scandinavian 9240, good afternoon
Ground Air France 2463, ready for taxi.
Air France 2463 taxi to the holding runway 19,
Air France 2463 you are
Yes we can but for a while !
Yes can you increase further ?
9947 you may proceed direct to Newcastle, I have an just ahead of you, altitude is unknown.
Left 265 descend 4000 ft 1014, Speedbird 981.
Speedbird 981 correct, contact Director 127,52 Call sign only.
Lufthansa 4086 roger, descend to flight level 90, continue in the Lambourne hold, The overall
Turn left 560.
Shuttle 5L turn left 120
G-LT, Thank you for your assistance !
G-LT, I've got for you, not above 2500ft anyway.
Tower good afternoon, Britannia003B.
Britannia003B, Hi, 26 miles from touchdown
Philippine 203, could you do a right turn about 90° now otherwise you're gonna go into an
LUFTHANSA 410 request FL390.
Martinair 637
You're doing fine thank you.
Garbe 456 Squawk VFR, frequency change Approved.
Forbe 112PR, contact San Juan Center 135.7. If no joy
Climb and maintain flight level 260, American 1019.
American 1019 if you would and turn 10° to the right.
Okay, we're looking, we don't have him.
Air Transat 645 Heavy
AIR TRANSAT 645, you can expect higher on the next frequency with Denver Center. You have at FL330.
This is Heathrow information hours weather
Landing runway Departure runway
Surface wind varying between 180° and 280°
Nil weather
Temperature Dew point
Please be advised that Dover VOR is unserviceable from
Pilots are requested to take caution while manoeuvring in the runway holding areas is not assured.
Pilots are requested to report aircraft type and acknowledging information XXX on first contact with Heathrow.