Ecoute de trafic réel - Bande 5

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Stand 36.
Ukraine 744
Lithuanian 413 proceed to
Ground Air France 2463 good evening on gate 12 for the push and start please.
Air France 2463 are you able to be
Air France 2463, good evening.
Air France 2463
Falcon 002 calling Maastricht ?
Air France 2462
901U thank you range 27 miles 09L, Contact Director 127,52
Midland 560 roger maintain flight level 120 and hold at Lambourne
Level 110 Scandinavian 511.
Speedbird 963 range 23 miles 09L
2963 established.
2963 descend on the ILS
G-LT, I've got no altitude restriction for you anyway, I keep you outside that class E airspace and also there's no restriction on your right turn now. Set course direct to XXXXX.
Heathrow good afternoon Britannia 003B
Britannia 003B, Hi, you are you're number 4.
You are just on a heading of an active Danger Area, can you do Please.
210 knots and then to 3000 United 675.
Amtran 863
Toronto Tower, Air Transat 282.
Transat 282, thank you
Air France 3743 standing by for descent.
Air France 3743 roger and
Garbe 456 radar service terminated, squawk VFR,
Delta 565 right turn at the next intersection, cross runway 25R Contact Ground point 1, traffic holding in position.
Friendship 94P, wind 200/17, runway 19L, cleared for take-off Traffic off 25R
Good morning Dublin information : D Time :
Runway in use approach
Runway surface
Transition level :
Operational information : expect in the vicinity of the airport.
Surface wind :
Visibility :
Clouds :
Temperature Dew point
QNH Threshold QFE runway XX
Trend NOSIG.