Ecoute de trafic réel - Bande 6

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Speedbird 116 to London 134,75.
Good morning Shannon, Delta 129.
Delta 129, good morning
Delta 138, that’s approved
Ground good afternoon Speedbird 869 coming in
Speedbird 869, good afternoon C 28
Ascott 5209, turn left 10 degrees
Speedbird 59 LL reduce speed now
Air France 3532 good day, descending 4000
Air France 3532 thank you, 27 right,
Kuwaiti 3 103 good morning, J information, start and push back for Kuwait
Kuwaiti 104
Good morning, Lufthansa 4019 X E7 request pushback
Lufthansa 4019, E7 roger 737, push approved
UK 954 what’s your
Shamrock 372, established 10 miles
372, roger continue ILS, contact Tower 118,7 Goodbye
Speedbird 176 traffic 10 miles
xxx, you’re leaving the New York class B, 7 miles north east of xxxxx xxxxx.
75 PH heading 060 maintain 3500.
American 735, Miami center, roger Squawk 4067.
United 976, take the H3
Good morning, Toronto, Air Transat 638 heavy 2000 feet for 5000, off runway 33 Right
Air Transat 638, good morning,
American 211 heavy is cleared direct Colby,
This is Heathrow information K weather
call 124,47 for start up
Clouds Broken clouds at
Temperature +8° Dew point +5°
QNH mb
Landing runway Departure runway
during the last mile of final approach to runway 27 right
Please aircraft type and
Information K received on first contact